Thursday, 9 April 2009

41 Months Old!!!

My little guys are 41 months old (or will be next Tuesday!)
Time has flown by so fast! You know what they say; time flies when you are having fun...and what fun we have been having!! I am so in love with them, more and more and more each day!!
That's not to say it has been easy, because it hasn't been...then again I can't say it has been an uphill trek either :)
It IS 110% worth it!!

So what else is new in our house hold?
John has been doing great this year. Less sick and when he does get sick, it's mild. Not a single day spent in the hospital this year (knock on wood), not a single stitch either which means my little guy has learned how to FALL without injuring himself. lol

He is SO clever and witty and has a wicked sense of humor... he is showing clear signs of being a "genius" lol and these are not my words, but the specialists'.
I've enrolled the boys to pre-school for next Fall. I am kind of looking forward to that but it will make therapy and swim classes more difficult. I did not want to make their schedule too heavy so we will see how it goes.
Let me back up though for a minute.

John hasn't been making the progress I'd like to see when it comes to physical therapy. He kind of remained where he was while his peers plowed ahead which in turn made the gap that much more obvious, because his gait could be explained away when he was 2 but now that he is almost 3 1/2, his gait even by stretching the range of "normal" does not fall within the range. He walks (does not run) like a 2 year old. When he does run it's more like a fast walk, he does not bring his feet high off the ground or his knees high off the ground.
He has also gone back to putting his arms in the guard position which he had stopped doing but when he walks, he does have his arms down by his side.
He is very confident in walking and drags his right leg (since his right side is more affected) less and less. When he is not tired, I will go as far as say you can't even tell he has Cerebral Palsy if he is walking on even ground and slowly.

His belly muscles still have not developed and because he has grown SO tall (he is on the 75% for height!) he gets more and more leg cramps at night but so far they have been easy to handle. Massage with lavender, tension bandages and Tylenol do the trick (without the Tylenol he is in too much pain to sleep again).
Poor guy now realizes "medicine" makes him feel better and he takes it on his own!!

He is also more comfortable with his glasses and now wears them most of the day. It's nice when you don't have to fight them at every turn, yes?
Weight wise he is on a good curve (above average) but he maintains his "look"... looooong skinny legs, protruding belly, ribs that stick out and straw arms and a big head on top of a skinny neck.
His pelvis is so narrow, he still wears 18 month pants (!!) although of course these are too short for him so he wears suspenders most of the time on 3T pants.
His shoulders though are VERY wide so yeah my son is triangular ;)
Harlequin man to be!! You know, looong legs, narrow pelvis, big strong chest/arms/shoulders. Yeah... future heart breaker for sure.
HECK!! Present heart breaker!! There isn't a SINGLE person that meets John and I am talking about complete strangers, who does not fall for him. Yeah my boy can talk the beard off a saint for sure ;)
(Scorpio Charisma!!)

Behaviorally we have seen a big improvement. He still does not "listen" but he now plays with other kids, shows interest, stays in one place, does group activities... I am now more confident that he will be able to attend mainstream school with no problems and be incorporated into a classroom just like everyone else (well, not really... I bet he will be the teacher's favorite hahahahaha)

Ok so I told you how he was "stuck" in physical therapy but the Center didn't have extra hours to give us for more PT... So I enrolled the boys to swimming.
BIG success. John is more "lose" now... so lose that the neuro the other day said that John showed no signs of hypertonia (he was laying down). Of course when John got up and walked it was still there but all in all great improvement!!
He has been able to follow directions from the teachers although he was cold in the pool. It's not freezing cold in the pool but it's not a jacuzzi either. So we got him a wet suit and he's been fine ever since. He used to come out with PURPLE lips that took hours to return to normal, ashen white hands and feet and of course shaking, teeth chattering etc.

Cody on the other hand has been Mr. Attitude lately... VERY annoying and taxing and trying my patience at every turn/interaction.
I attribute it to him being 3 lol.
He HATES Speech Therapy (and I hate his therapist!) but he LOVES swimming and he made the team, he is THAT good lol :)
I think they have him in their scopes for the Water Polo team (age 6) because he is so cool in the water and SO big. He is the size of a 6 year old, on the 98% percentile on the charts :)
He is still my sweetie, hugging and kissing and still a momma's boy :)
Next Wednesday he will have surgery to remove adenoids and tonsils as we have a big problem with them so say a quick prayer for him if you will.

That's all for now... I will update more from now on :) Promise.